A Thank You from Magic Tax!

KFA Connect, developers of the FREE bridging software solution, Magic Tax would like to thank all the registered users for their support in 2019.

Magic Tax was developed by KFA Connect at the beginning of 2019 to offer a solution to Making Tax Digital for VAT. The Magic Tax team have seen a steady increase in users during 2019, as more and more businesses sign-up to comply with HMRC’s most recent change in legislation.

Magic Tax was designed and developed by KFA as a FREE solution – one which we do not make any money from whatsoever!

We just wanted to provide a service to businesses who were struggling to know which way to turn – and to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charity, Marie Curie in the process.

In aid of Marie Curie

“We have found that majority of our Magic Tax users have been small businesses and sole traders, who simply do not not want to have to pay for a subsciption-based accountancy package.

Most of them just want to continue doing thing the way they always have and Magic Tax is a really simple way to bridge the gap between the spreadsheet data they maintain themselves and filing their VAT submission to HMRC – in a way that complies with the new legislation.”

Nicki Smith – Sales & Marketing Manager
KFA Connect

However, since Magic Tax can also be used by Accountants who look after multiple companies VAT returns, we have also found that accountants up and down the country have been using the solution to make submissions on behalf of their clients too!

We are also pleased to have spoken to a number of our users from large and multi-national businesses too.

These businesses have found that in order to comply with the MTD for VAT legislation, this will take them a bit longer to organise – as it may mean either upgrading their legacy systems or development work will need to be completed on their current systems before they will be ready. These larger businesses have also found the use of Magic Tax as an interim solution very useful.

We are thrilled with the uptake and will continue to help and support our users in 2020.

We just hope that users will continue to donate each time they use the service and will help to get us closer to our target of £20,000 to fund a Marie Curie nurse for a whole year!

Merry Christmas everyone!