HMRC System Downtime Scheduled for this Weekend & Important Reminders

Magic Tax will be out of action this weekend due to scheduled maintenance to HMRC’s MTD service.

The Magic Tax downtime is directly due to HMRC planned downtime to their Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT service this weekend.

This means that the Magic Tax service will be unavailable during the dates/times shown below:

Friday, 25th June 2021 from 17:00


Monday, 28th June 2021 at 09:00

The reason for this downtime is because Magic Tax relies on the HMRC system being operational. During this time customers will not be able to access their HMRC online accounts (MTD for VAT) or use Magic Tax.

IMPORTANT!! Are you aware of the recent changes to the ways in which you can file your vat return in Magic Tax?

We want to ensure that all users of Magic Tax are aware of the changes that have been made to the bridging software solution over the last three months (and why) and how this will affect you when attempting to file your next return.

A recap of the recent changes are here:

  • You can no longer use the “Standard Box Format Template to make your submission. This is because HMRC will no longer accept a submission that relies on the copy/paste method to compile your data, we have had to remove the method which relies on this method in order for Magic Tax to continue to be an ‘HMRC recognised’ solution.
  • Limited cost Traders (Flat Rate Scheme) users will no longer be able to use Magic Tax. This is because of the removal of the Standard Box Template, which was the only method relevant to Limited Cost Traders (flat-rate) users.
  • Those in the Hospitality & Catering industry will no longer be able to use Magic Tax. This is because of the removal of the Standard Box Template and the date-specific percentages published by the government due to Covid-19 which are not compatible with Magic Tax functionality.

The Sales & Purchases or Sales, Purchases, Acquisitions & Goods Supplied templates are still available for use within Magic Tax. These templates can be used to keep “Digital Records” for your business and uploaded into Magic Tax. They do require that you list each and every transaction (both sales & purchases) so this will require more effort to prepare ready to make your submission.

Don’t leave it to the last minute…

Please don’t leave reviewing these changes to the templates available within Magic Tax and review what is required well ahead of your next vat return deadline.

NB: The Magic Tax support team cannot help or advise as to the best method for compiling your data, we are not accountants or tax advisors, and if you are unsure about anything at all we would advise consulting with your accountant.

Looking for More Information?

If you need help with the functionality of Magic Tax, please raise a support ticket here.

One of the team will be happy to help if you are experiencing an issue with the solution (but we are not accountants so can’t help if you need tax advice).

Read more information about the planned system downtime at HMRC here.

If HMRC’s system is down, the Magic Tax solution will be too, as our solution relies on their system being operational.

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