HMRC MTD VAT Scheduled Maintenance Sun 31st July 2022 08:15-19:00

HMRC MTD System Downtime Scheduled for

Sunday, 31st July 2022 08:15 – 19:00

HMRC are carrying out scheduled maintenance on Sunday to their MTD for VAT system.

Since Magic Tax is reliant upon HMRC’s system being operational, this means that the Magic Tax service will be unavailable during the dates/times shown below:

Sunday, 31st July 2022

08:15 – 19:00

The reason for this downtime is due to HMRC scheduled maintenance.

During this time customers will not be able to access their HMRC online accounts (MTD for VAT) or use Magic Tax.

Looking for more information?

The Magic Tax team are ready and willing to help with any issues.

If you need help with the functionality of Magic Tax, please get in touch with our Support team here – giving us lots of detail.

Read more information about HMRC’s planned system downtime here.

If HMRC’s system is down, the Magic Tax solution will be too, as our solution relies on their system being operational.

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Nicki Smith
Author: Nicki Smith